Projects in Preparation is preparing several new projects which will be offered to investors and public to participate and contribute to its fulfillments.

Spiritual Meditation Resort: Meditation and alternative holistic healing services, in Indonesia and Lebanon.

Travel Agency, with main objective to promote scientific and spiritual tours and travels.

New Fast Food Franchise: A new concept of fast food franchise, based upon healthier food service with reduced cholesterol products, and the catering related business.

Investors are needed in all of the above projects which are still in its initial phases.

Paradetect Club - We are preparing to form our new International Club to help facilitate the mingling and interaction of all of our members.

It will cover all the activities we posted on our website and will have the paradetect lounge which will be the gathering and meet-up place for our members all over the world.

The Paradetect lounge will be international in due time.

Documentary: TV series documenting paranormal cases investigated by paradetect team all over the world

Education: varying from: books publishing and copy rights, founding a new university and a college in 2 specific regions in Indonesia.

The Paradetect branded electronics

The Paradetect branded clothes

Ferry passenger boats carrying passengers between the Indonesian islands.

Scientific expeditions and spiritual tourism

Dealing in JP54 and diesel 2 aviation fuel.

Logging and replanting forests.

A new plant manufacturing wood products such as furniture, doors, windows, and flooring marine plywood, pdf, block boards.


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