An Interview with Adam El Masri

Having a global website makes it easy for anyone to reach us


One on one interview with Adam El Masri the founder of PARADETECT.COM website:

Journalist:  Adam, will you tell us about your website, the idea, how was it generated and when and where did it start?

It all started during my stay in Lebanon in 2009.

Whenever I come over for a visit to Lebanon, friends tend to come to visit me from across the Middle East to discuss issues that concern them such as spirituality, meditation and holistic healing…

During the first quarter of 2009, I received some of these friends who came with some of their friends who needed healing from severe depression episodes with all of its ailing symptoms.

After I finished attending to their needs, they were impressed with the method I used and felt the immediate benefit which led them to discuss with me the possibility of learning this method which is based upon merging spirituality with scientifically based concept of helping needy individuals help themselves.

After a prolonged discussion I suggested forming a website with the sole purpose of helping people to learn this method and increase their self awareness and develop their inner recognition and senses.

Our method is a new concept, merging spirituality and contemporary living; its aim is to become an attitude and not just a philosophical principle…

So we reached an agreement to start the website project, and paradetect was born, born out of a dream.

Paradetect stands for paranormal detection. Though the name might give a wrong impression at first, but when one takes time to have a closer look at our activities and interests, one will come to realize that what we mean by paranormal is not only the supernatural but rather any anomaly be it related to natural events or behavior.

Since history is the best archive to learn from, we gave special attention to ancient history and what it hold within its scrolls from ancient knowledge and profound wisdom and regarded it as our source of learning.

Journalist: having browsed your website, we noticed a variety of activities, interests, services and products. Take spirituality for a start, how do you perceive it, would you elaborate on that?

Sure, since our main goal is to found a new Para-community based upon a new realization, it was necessary to form a versatile website with potentials to cater for all types of viewers from all walks of life and ethnic diversity.

And since our concept is merging spirituality with contemporary living, that means our activities should cover as much interests as possible for the sake of sustainability of the website for future expansion.

Spirituality to us is a tool to develop and progress as humans and not the final goal. We give great attention to use spirituality to serve our primary purpose that is serving humanity. Therefore, our focus on social and community work is a necessity; I would like to describe it as social/spiritual interaction.

Then we have the research division, spiritual and scientific tourism, trade and commerce, business franchise, agencies of branded products, and our own branded paradetect products.

Our trade and commerce deals mainly in wood and related products, our agencies, we are currently agents for several brands such as the winaura imaging system, the Lyda Atv, and more…

We have book publishing line.

The paradetect branded clothes.

Fast food franchise, focusing on healthy diets and the list is growing.

And investment projects, such as; the paradetect spiritual centers, the paradetect lounges, and the para spiritual resort.

Journalist: what is your future plan and your expansion strategy?

We have a very ambitious future plan:

Our main objective is to become a share holding company, and our strategy is to draw the attention of serious investors in all of our projects which is above mentioned.
We have started implementing few of them ourselves. And we have succeeded in getting several investors ready to put some cash in several of our projects, we expect things to start rolling positively and projects to start materializing within couple of years starting from beginning of 2011.

Our strategy will focus on getting our message to the public by holding international, regional and local seminars and open debates on our website discussing mutual concerns with members and viewers.

Our members are rapidly increasing and the regions we cover are ever expanding.

The truth of the matter is, we did not expect such success and we are overwhelmed with the response of our visitors and the positive results on the feedback we are gathering from all over the world.

Journalist: where do you currently stand among similar websites and what is your ranking?

As you already know, we are a very young website with great potentials. Not many websites are like ours, in fact, and to our knowledge there is no website similar to ours, though, some website share with us parts of our interests, but none covers all of the areas we cover, and what makes our website very unique is the fact that we rely on our own research and we have our own identity and resources. Our topics are not copy paste articles. It is original, genuine paradetect effort.

We have our own discoveries and findings, take for example our article the true identity of Thoth is revealed, this article reveals the true identity of Thoth who is the Prophet Enoch , or St. George, or Al Khodor, Nabi Idriss, and so on.

We are the first website that successfully captured Jinn or what the west calls aliens on video and it is posted on our website as well.

We carry a serious and scientifically based research in the paranormal, be it events or behavior.

Ranking, well, our database have over 4500 members half of them are active members and frequent website visitors. So do the arithmetic my friend…

Journalist: where are you located at, and where can you be reached?

We are currently located in two regions and three countries; we have offices and a center in Jakarta - Indonesia, Lebanon and now Dubai. We also have a liaison in the United States, France and Jordan. And we are expanding…

Having a global website makes it easy for anyone to reach us. Simply send us an email to, and you will be attended to sooner than you can imagine.

Journalist: through what activities you introduce and promote website?

Seminars, holistic, energy healings, meditation courses, aura and chakra reading and imaging, research and topics, adding to that our projects and brand.

Journalist: There is a study that you made and published related to prophecies and predictions, would you care to elaborate on it.

Yes, I did write a book about it in Arabic under the title Sakatat Babel, it is a comparative study of ancient and contemporary prophecies and predictions for the end of times based upon several ancient beliefs (Mayan, Nostradamus) and the major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And surprisingly, many of it is becoming real.

The topics we cover in our articles on the website are very informative and many of it covers all sorts of interests, I hope our viewers will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them.

Journalist: Thank you for the interview and I wish you success.

Thank you Journalist, and a very happy and prosperous new year for you.

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+1 #2 Adam El Masri 2011-01-06 02:24
paradetect is preparing for an E-seminar in 2011, so for all of you out there, keep a watch on the related announcement to come and make sure to get ready to join in this e gathering event to introduce as many as of our members to the community and its activities and services.
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+1 #1 Adam El Masri 2011-01-05 09:34
thank you for the interview Fadi, we have received several inquiries from Australia related to paradetect activities and services and we promise to look into having our Liaison there soon, who knows we might even have our own center somewhere in NSW...
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