The Cave of Ages

Probable Location, Road to Amanti... It is the way to the long awaited Amanti where Thoth descended and ascended at will to rejuvenate through eternity.

It was revealed in my previous article that the acclaimed cave of Daniel was none else than the cave of ages and that the dweller of that cave Melchizedek was none else than Thoth the Atlantean who (as previously mentioned in the True Identity of Thoth is revealed article) happens to be Hermes, Merlin, St. George, priest of God, Enoch the prophet and Al-Khodor, and many more throughout ancient legend and myth.

Quote from Genesis 14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

This article will reveal the other famous name of the cave of ages and the most probable location of that cave and a further attempt to delve into some assumptions explaining the possibility of the where about of another sacred artifact which might have found its way to the cave of ages before it vanished without a trace into thin air with nothing left of its mentioning else than in the myth and legend that surrounded it in yester years.

The cave of ages or cave of Daniel may contain within it an invisible and undetectable secret portal to the beyond and the parallel worlds with all of its string theories put together. Maybe that was the reason why only wanted things (Dead Sea Scrolls) hidden inside it may be revealed to the naked eye of any explorer.

That sacred artifact may be the lost Arch of the Covenant.

This portal of space and time holds the secret to the where about of Thoth where he lies in Amanti awaiting to be summoned again by the pure and worthy of the human race

Quote from the Book of Solomon: "The cave may have been located on Mount Tabor. A medieval visitor to the Holy Land, Abbot Daniel, writes: They show you upon mount Tabor, at a level place, an extraordinary cave cut in the rock, like a cellar, which has a small window in the roof. At the bottom of the cave towards the east there is an altar" end of quote.

In fact; and as wild as it may sound, I would dare to assume that in the near future and with more advanced technology there would be found an underground time tunnel in that specific region connecting it right through to the sphinx pyramid and probably another tunnel to Sharam el sheikh in Egypt.

According to traditional Christian belief the cave of ages lies in one of two locations which is in Mount Tabor, in the lower Galilee at the eastern end of Jezreel Valley about 18 km west of the sea of Galilee in Israel, to many Christians it is believed to be the site of transfiguration of Jesus. To Arabs it is known as the Jabal el Tour, (jabal means Mount in Arabic). In fact and to many Christians it is a pilgrimage site visited frequently by devotees and worshipers for its symbolic and sentimental values. Later in the 5th century Mount Hermon was nominated as an alternative location for the transfiguration of Jesus.

Mount Tabor, Mount Hermon  (Jabal el Sheykh in Arabic, situated in the Anti Lebanon mountain ranges bordering Syrian slopes of the Golan Heights), and last, the Qumran region sharing quite a lot in common in history and geography, though the surrounding area of Qumran is rugged and desert like, however this may not have been the case several thousand years ago, and it is surrounded by water streams and close to the Dead Sea, in addition to the above, Qumran and Tabor were both regarded as important trade routes to early merchandizing and trade, and were both battle fields for the same local and foreign occupation forces through history.

In the book of King Solomon it was described how Melchizedek entered into tunnels of time till he reached to Adam's space time and where they met and negotiated years for the benefit of Solomon at birth.

I believe the cave of ages is situated amidst a series of caves located near the Dead Sea and not far from Jericho, the oldest city in history. Eleven of these caves are already excavated and some archeologists believe some early Jewish ritualistic sect called the Essenes inhabited it for years, they also found many inkwells indicating that it was a center of knowledge and learning.

It is in the Qumran region where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered ironically by a Palestinian Sheppard.

Qumran: The city of Qumran was an ancient village on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, in West Bank, Palestine, famous for its caves, in some of which the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947.

The Qumran Caves are a series of caves, some natural, some artificial, scattered around the archaeological site of Qumran. There are several other caves on cliffs above Qumran and the first traces of its occupation goes back to the chalcolithic period.

Though it is pronounced as Qumran by Jews, Arabs call it Kherbit Qumran,

The name is very interesting since the word Qumran could also mean in Arabic several chambers, Qumrah is a Chamber in Arabic language and Kherbit means ruins.

Rooms on the western side of the main building at Qumran.

Historically and in biblical times Qumran was established during the Iron age, 7th/8th C BC, at the times of the Judean Kingdom. This fortress may have been one of King Uziah's construction projects which the Bible reports (2 Chronicles 26 10. Qumran may have been one of the desert cities listed in the Bible as part of the Judah tribe villages. Its name was either "Secacah" or "city of salt". Joshua 15 61-62: "In the wilderness, Betharabah, Middin, and Secacah, And Nibshan, and the city of Salt, and Engedi; six cities with their villages".

So where could be the Cave of Ages, is it in Mount tabor, or mount Hermon or is it in Qumran region!

If we are to consider the geo-historical facts at hands we would be stimulated to disregard the Mount Hermon probability as an alternative location due to the distance separating it from Judea, Jerusalem and the center of events. And if we are to follow the same token of logic, the Qumran region is not less in importance than Mount Tabor, and since mount Tabor is more obvious and Qumran region is actually much closer in distance this would make Qumran region more credible location for such cave.

Whether the cave is in Tabor, Hermon or Qumran it will remain a fascinating intrigue that deserves a much more serious attention from theologians, historians and modern archeologists alike...

As for me, I will retain my utmost interest in the truth of the Cave of Ages and of anything related to the enigma of Melchizedek.

Till the next article.


Adam El Masri

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#1 RE: The Cave of Agesparadetect administrator 2011-07-21 12:21
United States
7/4/2011 7:18 AM

Always was a believer in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean, figured the halls of Amenti were near the Atlantic.

Anonymous Coward
7/4/2011 8:09 AM

Hmm. I slept in a cave in Sharm El Sheik for almost a week. I often wondered why I wanted to do that at that particular location. Do tell.

United States
7/4/2011 8:57 AM

Thoth was known for his incredible tirades against the weak and the meek.

He wanted to provide those with power that would hurt animals.

7/4/2011 9:05 AM

Quoting: FubarMan

United States
7/4/2011 9:22 AM

Quoting: wildhoney

He especially had a great angst towards kittens. Furry ones with big round eyes. Infuriated him. His people respected and worshiped kittens more than Thoth himself.

So Thoth made magik that would not only make kitten speak nonsensical, but all animal speak turned into a confusing code.

7/4/2011 9:46 AM

Quoting: FubarMan

cant make out what you are saying...
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