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حالات تم علاجها في باراديتكت نسعى جاهدين على تحسين تقنية العلاج بالطاقة الخاصة بنا مدفوعين بقناعتنا وإلتزامنا لإثبات لأنفسنا والآخرين إعتقادنا أن أس...
شد وتنظيف الوجه لقد تم تأدية خدمة جديدة في مراكز الباراديتكت بنجاح "شد الوجه، تنظيف بشرة الوجه وملئها" دون أي شيئ سوى تدليك الطاقة الخاص بباراديتكت. إن "...
تجارب علاج لمرض السكري فئة 2 يسر باراديتكت الإعلان عن القيام بتجربة علاج لمرض السكري من الفئة 2. لمن يشكو من هذا المرض العضال ويهمه ان يشارك بهذه التجربة الإتصال بنا ...
Energy Weight Loss There are no translations available. Once again Paradetect exceeded expectation in a new experiment on weight loss cases. We gladly share with our members and visitors the results of a new experiment we tried at our new centers. Paradetect succ...
إنقشاع الغيم يسر الباراديتكت الإعلان عن إفتتاح مركز العلاج بالطاقة الجديد في دبي الويلنس سنتر. إنقشع الغيم ليكشف عن تشكيل فجر جديد يشرق على بيت البا...

Paradetect Business Proposal


There are no translations available.

Intro - Paradetect is a shrewd attempt to establish a new concept merging spirituality with modern living habits.

Our motto is: Paradetect is an attitude and a way of life.

Our goal is to establish a new community more self aware of spirituality and its importance for the sake of reaching and enjoying the inner peace needed to promote cohesive  living and global  harmonious interacting, bridging between races and crossing ethnical and cultural boundaries.

Our company profile details paradetect performance and projects feasibility (money generating tools) to those interested in investing in any of our listed projects within.  Such projects are designed to accommodate our activities, services and products…

Paradetect main vehicle in spreading our word is paradetect.com website where one will find an ample information related to our activities, services and products while we focus on the word of mouth promotion the traditional way building up our reputation based upon our accomplishments…

Business proposal:

Paradetect proposes a unique business opportunity by investing in even more unique projects befitting the future needs for humanity.

Investing in self improvement on the health and spiritual level, and researching in the supernatural and the paranormal on the education level without neglecting the business oriented profitable means applied to secure our sustainability.

Our money generating tools and future projects presents a great opportunity for investors to participate in a risk free investment with very little international competition.

The nature of our investment opportunity with its risk free potentials is tapping into an unexplored treasure field with none withering resources. Our educational courses and energy healing service is on ever greater demand. There simply is a great hunger for more of such service from an increasingly starved international community recognizing the importance and need for such treat…

We are unique in the methods we practice, there is simply no second to where we have reached in our current achievements and it is only the beginning…

Interested investors in any of our advertised projects may contact us on هذا البريد الإلكتروني محمي من المتطفلين و برامج التطفل، تحتاج إلى تفعيل جافا سكريبت لتتمكن من مشاهدته for further feedback.


The Para Team


Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since الاثنين, 23 فبراير 2009.

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