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Cases Healed At Paradetect we strive to improve our energy healing technique driven by our conviction and commitment to prove to ourselves and others that by merging spirituality and science there can be only one outcome, improvement, and self improvement f...
Face Lifting & Facial Cleansing A new Paradetect services is performed successfully at our new Centers "Face Lifting, Facial Cleansing and Botox" without anything else but our own Para Energy technique. So what are you waiting for! Have a wrinkle free shining and healthy fa...
Experimenting on Diabetes 2 Paradetect is glad to announce the intention to experiment on diabetes 2, for those suffering from this fatal illness and those interested in participating in this experiment they may contact us to register their names and provide their contact d...
Energy Weight Loss Once again Paradetect exceeded expectation in a new experiment on weight loss cases. We gladly share with our members and visitors the results of a new experiment we tried at our new centers. Paradetect successfully applied our special techniq...
Clouds are Clearing Clouds are clearing to reveal the formation of a new dawn rising on the holistic realm of paradetect.com giving life to a newborn power house of energy the Pardetect/Auraiel and Wellness Center group. ...

Spiritual Self Improvement

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1 Welcome Ramadan Adam El Masri 2471
2 The Art of Problem Solving Adam El Masri 1735
3 Stardust of Energy Adam El Masri 2072
4 Secret of Achievement Adam El Masri 2315
5 The Right Choice Adam El Masri 2147
6 A Glimpse of our Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Dana Arnaout 4149
7 First Step of Being a Spiritualist Adam El Masri 2088
8 Astral Projection Adam El Masri 4045
9 Meditation - Back to Basics Adam El Masri 2320
10 Encyclopedia of Essential Oils III Administrator 4243
11 Encyclopedia of Essential Oils II Administrator 3883
12 The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils Administrator 4165
13 Self Improvement Adam El Masri 6671
14 Projection Adam El Masri 2725
15 Regression Adam El Masri 7345
16 Celestial Occasion Adam El Masri 5506
17 Weight loss at its Peak Administrator 5243
18 The Addiction of a Thought Dana Arnaout 5155
19 Positive Thinking Adam El Masri 5388
20 Energy Healing Defined Adam El Masri 6827
21 Yes We Can Adam El Masri 5230
22 I Resign Adam El Masri 4860
23 Stress/Anger Management Adam El Masri 4764
24 Canons of Success Adam El Masri 6061
25 Dreams Adam El Masri 4457
26 Do We Have A Destiny? Halima Aboal 2921
27 Madam Sage Adam El Masri 11857
28 Nicotine Addiction Remedy Administrator 6607
29 Mind Over Matter Adam El Masri 9679
30 Human Metamorphosis Adam El Masri 10653

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