Our Projects in Indonesia

Wood Logging, Coal, Oil, Forestry, university, clinics etc.. Our company “Paradetect” is currently embarking on two huge projects related to wood logging and manufacturing in Indonesia.

This is our preliminary details related to the nature of our two projects which are currently available for investment.

Our first project:

Ref: Pap/1/17.5qbc.m

We are mandated with our local partner to log over one and a half million cubic meters of all sorts of wood, and we have facilities to log and manufacture the obtained wood,

We have a room to expand our operation and we are looking for investors who would be willing to join our venture in providing more equipments to enable us to speed up the process of logging and manufacturing our wood.

Our investor may inspect our forest sites and facilities and propose to us the equipments needed to speed up our capacity and expand it. An MOU will need to be signed prior to inspection. After the inspection, an agreement of business venture will be drafted and signed, followed by schedule to deliver the needed equipment.

Duration of forest exploitation is ten years extendable.

Based upon value of equipment and investment, a percentage of shares will be calculated as of value per capita.

Note: After the logging, there is also natural gas and coal that can be mined and extracted.

Our second project:

Ref: SU.1.LUM.

This is a unique and very rare opportunity ready for grabbing by the right investor.

The forest is thirty thousand hectares of forest land available to exploit for the right investor.

Condition of land owners is developing their area, by building Islamic university, hospital, and agricultural business projects.

Extension of lease for exploitation is 10 years renewable automatically with consent of both parties involved. This renewal is applicable for three times.

The landscape is rich with several types of forest wood, natural coal and gas underneath.

Investor will be expected to bear the cost of obtaining the logging and exploitation permit from the central government and ministry of forestry.

Estimated time to obtain such permit may reach 4 months in normal process.

Cost of obtaining related permits prior to resumption of logging may vary depending on speed of process, however we can give rough evaluation of initial cost of minimum of 000,000 hundred thousand US. DOLLARS  depending on methods and persons approached.

Interested investors will be expected to sign an MOU followed by an agreement which would secure their investment and the fulfillment of their part of the bargain which is the establishing of an international standard Islamic university, a similar in standard hospital and several agricultural projects will be pinpointed prior to final phase of negotiation.

Below is more detailed explanation of the above mentioned project:
The project with the Islamic university and hospital requirements is as follows:

The Land belongs to local tribes; it was given to a local foundation with rights to exploit it for a long period of time.

The foundation have proposed to appoint our CEO with full mandate to exploit the above mentioned 30 000 hectare of forest land with rich coal and natural gas reserves. The type of wood varies, there are minimum of 10 000 hectare of red meranti, over 10 000 of rattan and several other types are available.

We, by saying we, I am referring to the investor and our company, are expected to commit to cover the cost of setting up the logging project, and the obtaining of the licenses to log, to build Islamic university, hospital and other projects needed, within the figure of their share.

Duration of exploitation starts from ten years renewable up to twenty additional years.

The administration, construction and development of any of the required projects on the land will be our Paradetect company rights, anything related to logging and other exploitation maybe the investor reserved right to appoint whoever he trusts or see fit for the role.

The investor will be expected to make up to half a million US Dollars available for the period of up to 4 months needed to obtain the permits and establish initial phase.

This land is located in Sumatra.
Note: After the logging, there is also natural gas and coal that can be mined and extracted.

Summary about our CEO “A. El Masri” who is the founder of “Paradetect”:
Previous consultant for the Indonesian government in Business and Trade with Ministry of Cooperatives, negotiator for establishing bilateral trade relationship between Indonesia and the Arab speaking countries, yielded two MOU signed between Jordan and Indonesia, Lebanon and Indonesia, in mid 1990’s.
In Education: Ministry of Religion, importer of books mainly to universities, colleges and schools throughout Indonesia.

For Further Information, please do not hesitate to contact us at adam@paradetect.com

Our website: http://www.paradetect.com/

Best Regards,

Paradetect Team

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